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Think freely. Practice patience.

Smile often. Savor special moments.

Live God's message. Make new friends.

Rediscover old ones. Tell those you love that you do.

Feel deeply. Forget trouble. Forgive an enemy.

Hope. Grow. Be crazy. Count your blessing.

Observe miracle. Make them happen. Discard worry.

Give. Give in. Trust enough to take.

Pick some flowers. Share them.

Keep a promise. Look for rainbows. Gaze at stars.

See beauty everywhere. Work hard.

Be wise. Try to understand.

Take time for people. Make time for yourself.

Laugh heartily. Spread joy. Take a chance.

Reach out. Let someone in. Try something new.

Slow down. Be soft sometimes.

Believe in yourself. Trust another. See a sunrise.

Listen to rain. Reminisce. Cry when you need to.

Trust life. Have faith. Enjoy wonder.

Comfort a friend. Have good ideas.

Make some mistakes. Learn from them.

Celebrate Life!

By Jan Michelsen

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